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    Carmelo Skybox LE Photo Proof RC 18/25

    Pulled the Carmelo photographers proof numbered 18/25 Rookie card from Skybox LE
    Looking for serious offers

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    nice pull.

    i could use your jermaine oneal SP sigs if i have anything youd want for it


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    Here are the pictures:



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    what does that have to do with anything lol. i thought you have melo

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    bdrr, only thing I saw was this:
    Milicic, Darko 03-04 SP Signature Edition Autograph -New

    My trade page isn't up to date, who else are you looking for?
    I also have these autos:
    Josh Howard Bowman SOTF
    TJ Ford Bowman Sigs Jersey/Auto
    Antoine Walker Autographics Silver #/150
    Vince Carter Genuine Insider redemption
    Amare Stoudemire Genuine Insider
    Luke Ridnour Genuine Insider
    Gilbert Arenas Genuine Insider
    Mickael Pietrus Showcase Sweet Sigs

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    i collect autos in general, mostly garnett and marbury.

    i could use the the carter redemption the most, if not that maybe the ford + walker for the darko + something.

    get me on AIM or let me know what you'd want to do. we'll work something out


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