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Thread: Peyton Manning GEM 10 RC

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    Peyton Manning GEM 10 RC

    98 Peyton Manning EX2001 RC #54 graded a Gem 10


    99 SP Authentic Manning also graded a Gem 10 as well

    check sig for wants.


    here's the card:

  2. Kronozio
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    98 Peyton Manning EX2001 RC #54 graded a Gem 10
    I don't know what your looking for out of this on, but I have a 03 Standing O Vick jsy I could trade for it.

    let me know pm me

    BV is 25 on it....

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    Probably not, I think the Manning books for 25 before being graded.


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    Just wondering. What company were these cards graded by? BGS? PSA? GAI? SGC? Depending on that would depend on what you can get out of them.


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    I want this card. Check out my new thread.

    it is


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    I didn't really see anything in there I wanted. Do you have anymore Hokie players you'd be willing to trade?? Check my sig for wants.

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    I a Bowman Chrome Lee Suggs RC perfect shape could be graded and a leaf limited Vick jsy black #'d/100 or something of that nature and the Standing O Vick jsy White BV 25. Could we work something out on these.

    pm if so.

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    I would to both Vick jsys I have
    03 Standing O jsy white BV 25
    03 Leaf Limited Limited Threads jsy black #'d/100 I believe BV 25 or more not sure....I have it in a screw down with a white piece of thick cardboard that comes in packs to help it fit better. Both are very nice. I could do them both for this card.
    98 Peyton Manning EX2001 RC #54 graded a Gem 10
    this is very much in your favor.
    PM me if you want to do this.


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    do you or can you get scans of both of these, I'm interested to see what they look like??


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