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    Need To Do Some Trading Come One Come All (BB)

    There's my link let me know if there is anything you like.


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    Ben Wallace / Richard Hamilton Dual Warm-Ups Jersey BV $12
    - Ben Wallace League Leaders Jersey 32/75
    Amare Stoudemire RC 3 color patch #/500 BV $80 (Want $100 Trade)
    Charles Rodgers Draft Day Selections Jersey BV $12
    03 Leaf Limited Joey Harrington Limited Threads Pos. Jsy 50/75 BV $50 . i like all of these i'm working on my site so it's not up. lmk what you want baseball, basketball, football, players, etc. thanks


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    Jeff- Let me know when your site is up. I usually look at about anything that catches my eye. If you can put together a list for me and I would love to look at it.

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    Really need this.
    2003 Fleer Mystique
    - Albert Pujols Shining Stars Jersey BV $20
    Ill trade the Francis Maximum Jersey for it. It doesnt book at I dont' know why. PLMK. I would also trade the Topps AllStar jersey can't find this one either on

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    Also need your Helton we talked about. I would trade both of those Francis for the Helton and the Pujols. PLMK.

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    Could you do the Pujols/Helton for your Delgado?

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    No, the BV is uneven and I would need one nicer Pujols card that books $40-$50.
    I would do any of those two Francis I listed for the Pujols. Or both Francis for the Pujols and Helton.

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    I think Ill pass on the Francis's without being able to find ther BV on them.

    Thanks for the consideration though.

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    Do you have a beckett they might be in there. I think the Maximum used to books $25. If you find them then PLMK.

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    The Topps AllStar Jersey books $15
    Still can't find the Fleer Maximum.

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