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    Bought A Few Packs At Target Today

    I have no luck when buying packs. I bought 5 packs :

    (2) 2003 Playoff Prestige Football
    (2) 2003 Donruss Classics Baseball
    (1) 2003 Titanium Hockey

    Out of the Football I really got nothing but an Inside The Numbers Terrell Ownes #0856/2002. It's a pretty cool clear card but last years was worth like $3 so this years version probably isn't worth much either.

    Out of the Baseball, I got a couple stars like Jeter and Bagwell and I got a Rob Hammock rookie #0819/1500.

    Out of the Hockey (my best pickup) I got a Lemieux Saturday Knights. Too bad I hate Lemieux with a passion.

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    Don't you work at Walmart, Iggy? What are you doing shopping the competitor? You're gonna end up like that guy at Coca-Cola. LOL

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    I work at K-Mart and our packs suck! I just wanted to buy a couple packs of 02 Bowman Draft Picks hoping for a Dontrelle but they didnt have any of those packs.

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    Oh, gotcha. All the KMart's by me are shutting down. Aren't they going bankrupt?

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    Kmart's in the BK process, and hoping to come out of it soon.

    Not all K-marts are closing; but the ones that are bringing in less revenues than the average K-mart are the ones that close.

    as a matter of fact, the Walmart near me, located on Lincoln and Valley View, across from Home Depot, just shut down a few months ago

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    A Walmart closed down? Is the world ending?

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    Sam Walton's family is loaded. They could buy Bill Gates three times over.


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    I'll be da**ed if the Wal=mart in my town is closing. "If you cant get it at Wal-Mart, you dont need it."

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    Originally posted by stkmtimo
    Sam Walton's family is loaded. They could buy Bill Gates three times over.

    they are loaded but I don't believe they can touch billy baby

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