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    haven't made a trade in a week and i'm going through withdrawl......check out my site and see if you need anything! thanks

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    Any 2004 Topps Heritage RCs to trade. Please let me know. Also, are you still interested in the Clement Jersey? Thanks. Michael

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    no sorry man i actually just bought that clement card a few days ago! thanks anyway

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    i like your 86 topps bonds. check my site this is baseball only, i'm still working on football and basketball

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    1987 Donruss Barry Bonds

    LMK what you need for that, check my site thanks.

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    2003 SPx Stars Jason Giambi Jersey/Auto #69/315

    What do you need for this? LMK

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    cbethun - i like the wood auto and the marte auto

    jtgolf and bonds - didn't see anything i could use, sorry

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