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    Buying And Trading For Multi Color Patch Cards!!!

    I am wanting to primarily trade for patch cards, I will also Consider Buying Via Paypal for a fair price. LMK


    Check my site if you want to trade!

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    i have a warren sapp patch 1 color with sitiching...the best part is that its super rare numbered 14/21....lmk

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    No thanks, I wouldn't mind it butt Sapp is a Jack*** LOL

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    Heyas. Not sure if you would be interested but I have this one:

    Isaac Bruce
    2000 Leaf Certified Certified Century Gear (yellow/blue jersey) #CCGIB80-H 08/21 (bout 98-99% blue with a little yellow)

    Just let me know when ya can. Till then take care and have a safe one. :)


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    I have:

    Davis, Stephen 2002 Fleer Focus Jersey Edition Franchise Focus Jersey Edition (patch) white, yellow patch, and a bit of red jersey

    If you are interested, please LMK. I looked at your site, but saw nothing I was interested in. I would sell cheap.

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    Originally posted by fairbc
    How much in BV you looking to get?
    Welp BV on it is at $100. Depending on what I would get I would go $80 in trade. I would really like to beaf up my Laveranues Coles and/or Domanick Davis collection but not just limited to them. I would like to get 1 or 2 cards in return also. Let me know if you have anything on Coles or Davis and if not then I can browse your site. Till then take care. :)


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    Would u be interested in this? I have this incoming and its a very nice multi-color.

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    Mookie-Too much for me :) Thanks for the offer though!

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