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    How do you store your personal colllections?

    I was looking for some ideas on how to safely store my keepers. I used to use the soft pages that hold 9 cards, but some in the bottom were hard to get out. Right now I have them all in penny-sleeves and in a row box. This isn't very good for viewing though. All my GU's and good serials I put in 1-screw cases or plastic snap cases. I'd like to build a frame to put them all in to hang on the wall, but I was looking for ideas other than book pages. Someone suggested scanning them all so I could look at them, but not to touch them lol.
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    i just put them in penny sleeves and then in a box...true, it is not good for viewing tho

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    If you really want them in albums, you should get those 4 cards to a page albums. Then put the cards in top loaders, and the top loaders in the pages. Use a little bit of tape to keep the top shut of each slot closed, and then you're set.

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    If you want display cases this site is always advertising in the beckett magazines.

    There stuff is pricey, at least to me it is, but it looks good.

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    I guess it all depends on what you have. I buy custom binders from MJ Roop Archivers. That is pretty pricey stuff too though but it is worth it to me. Very nice and very attractive binders. I usually put my player and team collections in those. For other singles I like to grade them and display them.

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    well for my collectiong what i do is this, GU or auto i put in soft seleve and then into toploader, then into a box. i know its not for show but im tryin to get these toploader stands to hold them for show, and for rookie, inserts, and common stars in my binder. And my favorite GU which are 20 of them are in this thing for show if click my website u can see it on the homepage, and that pretty much what i do with mine

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    I put my greatest cards (game used,autographs,etc) in penny sleeves, top loaders, and team bags in a regular card box.

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    every card i get of mj, i first of all put it in a new penny sleeve then put it into a toploader, then into a row box. sure i cant see them regularly, but eh its worth it to know that i can see them and not worry bout it going damaged like i how i used to organize them through binders. all of the others suggestions are good too.

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    what i do is - commons go without penny sleeves and into one of those 4 compartment boxes. star cards ( like barry bonds, nolan ryan, etc ) go in penny sleeves into the box. and i put my really good cards and rookie cards in penny sleeves then in top loaders. and my autographs go the same as the rookies unless they are really good then i will put them in screw downs.

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    Well, I am very , well, for lack of a better word, anal about my cards. They have to be in a certain order/group/etc....rofl...Sherry thinks I am insane ;)

    Anyways, I put all my retired Favorites in screwdowns, the lesser favorites in 2 piece boxes (these are all autos I am talking about, thats all I collect) and have a team bag on each so the screwdowns/boxes don't get scratched. All my other stuff is in the same things, depending on who the player is.....some I also have in toploaders. I get my cards out everyday and piddle with them, so i always get to see them :D

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