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Thread: Site Update, Lots Updated~!

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    BDRR: first you tell me what you like from me and then i'll let you know what i need from you. it's no help asking me first as i might need a few 15.00 autos but in return i don't want to trade a 100 auto, you get me?

    lmk and we'll see what we can work out, thanks!

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    i saw stuff on all levels, carter , artest (thought you traded that :p), odom

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    BDRR: i picked up another one of the artest rc autographics. keep in mind though that these sell for OVER bv so don't expect me to trade for a 12.00 auto. other than that the only card i need at the moment is the prior patch. lmk what we can work out, thanks!

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    i wouldnt really mind trading a bit over for the artest. the prior im still holding for one nice auto in trade. if there is something else you ned from me i can trade like $20BV maybe $25 depending what it is

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    I need these:
    JOE MAUER 2002 Topps 206 Autograph ROOKIE #TA-JM
    RICKIE WEEKS 2003 Donruss Elite Extra Edition ROOKIE #32 Serial #'d /900
    RICKIE WEEKS 2003 Sp Authentic future Watch ROOKIE #233 Serial #'d / 699
    ANDY MARTE 2003 finest AUTO ROOKIE #102 (Braves)

    Take a look at my site and pm me

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