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    Final 4 contest idea I'll facilitate.

    This contest would be open to 5 contestants. Each contestant will draft 4 players that will be participating in next weekends Final 4. The contestant who's players scored the most total points throughout the Final 4 will win 75% of the pot, the runner up will win 25% of the pot. Draft order will be determined randomly (by me). There will be an entry fee payable to me prior to the draft. Entry fee unknown at this time, but a minimum of 100cc, and I'll pitch in even more to make it more exciting.

    Anyone interested? Can I get this idea "approved"? Thanks.

  2. Kronozio
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    The draft would be done right here for everyone to see (in turn), so no duplicate players would selected.

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    I've lowered entry to 5 contestants with 4 rounds (20 players total, which is all 20 starters on all 4 Final 4 teams). Entry fee will be 100cc. Send me the CC any time to enter. If 10 people are interested I'll run 2 seperate drafts for 2 seperate contests.

    If the mods don't like this contest before it starts, I'll refund CC.

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    if this goes through (( i got a feeling it may not be approved)) please reserve a spot for me.. I am interested


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    It's a "go". Send me 100cc to reserve a spot. I'll let you know in a day or two who's in draft A and who's in Draft B, C, D, etc. and what the draft order is.

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