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    Really need some help finding some Juan Cruz cards!

    Braves just accquired him so need all his cards. I had a ton of his cards before but traded them (now I feel stupid, lol). Help me if you can! Thanks

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    Not many!

    Looking for player wants,set needs or i'll trade them for Cowboy cards (Anybody)

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    i think he means the ex-Cubs pitcher "Juan", not the outfielder "Jose".

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    I have his 2002 Topps Prospect card. PLMK if you need. Looking for cards of the guys in my sig.


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    I have a Bowman Heritage RC if you're interested.

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    Sportnut08- I'm not sure if I have any cards of the players in your sig in that range. Would you take CC?

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    I don't like selling stuff for CC, sorry.


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