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    Trading Cards for Mountain Dew Cap Codes

    I am trading cards for the Dew U points on Mountain Dew caps.
    I will trade 3 DEW U points for $1 in Card Book Value....

    For Instance.
    -Lebron Chrome RC = $50 BV, right? so that would be 150 DewU points.
    -2003-04 Pristine AUTO Lamke = $15 BV = 45 DewU points
    ( My List of Available Cards )

    How it will work. Trust will have to be placed in my hands initially. (Many references on Beckett, and the other Card Trading sites...)

    Once a deal is agreed upon (# of points for what card/s), email me the point codes in the caps along with mailing address and I will mail the card/s. That simple.

    - Codes must not be entered in to already.
    - Do not send codes to me until a deal is agreed upon

    I am trying to get and Xbox for my son and I!
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    how many points come on each cap? just curious.
    the stupid la school district banned sodas from campuses for some reason. there used to be tons of caps laying around, lol :D

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