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Thread: Jason Giambi FT

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    Jason Giambi FT

    I have these Jason Giambi available,

    02 Donruss Studio Stars Gold #'d 027/250 BV $6.00

    03 Fleer Box Score Mini GU Jersey Gray BV $10.00

    03 Fleer Box Score Bronx Bombers GU Jerey w/ Stripes ( Cut from a Seam - so it has a Full Stripe plus a half Stripe ) BV $15.00

    Looking for RC's in return = Jose Reyes, Hank Blalock, Yankees I don't already have.


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    And I could use the Studio Stars Gold card. Please take a look at my site and lmk if there is anything there that you can use for it.

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    Thanks for the responses.

    I checked both of your Pages and didn't see anything I need right now.

    How about this - anybody interested in Buying all three for $12.00 Delivered ?


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    Ill pass on buying

    What exactly are you looking for?

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    No Problem.

    Like I listed in the original Post RC's mainly = Hank Blalock - Jose Reyes - Yankee RC's I don't already have.


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    ok no prob...didnt see RCs up there (had a few other Yanks GU on my site)

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