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Thread: Anybody have DewU Points?

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    Anybody have DewU Points?

    Just wondering if any of you have any...I am looking to get some (but I do not like Mountain Dew that much...)

    I can trade cards or CC for it..LMK, and if any of you come across any, LMK!

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    Is it a code I send you?
    Or do I have to mail it??

    If I can just send it then I'll find the bottles in my car, and send them to you!!

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    You do not have to mail it...

    All you have to do is Send me the code (via email/PM) And It has to be valid...How much CC you want for it...If we work out a deal you send me the code and I will check if it is valid, then I will send you whatever my part of the deal is!

    Also LMK how much you have!

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