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    Here's a new idea I had for trading. It's called QuickTrade. In each QuickTrade post that I offer up, it will include, 1 High-End Rookie, 1 High-End Auto, and 1 High-End GU. Then in each lot, I am going to display the BV, and the Trade Value that I am asking for, for all three cards(normally Trade Value Will Be less) . The only requirement is you can't trade for one card in the QuickTrade, it's all 3 or nothing. One last thing, in ALL QuickTrades, you will see a QuickTrade Notes line, besure to read them every time, because they will disclose what I am looking for in Return for the lot. The subject line will always say QuickTrade #, and the Trade Value of the lot. So The following QuickTrade subject line would look like this "QuickTrade #001, TV65.00" So have fun, if you have any other questions pm me, or email me directly at:
    And For the the very first QuickTrade!
    **The following is the set up for all QuickTrades**


    Rookie: $BV40.00
    C. Martin 1995 Select Certified #117 MIRROR GOLD

    Auto: $BV25.00
    M. Bennett ‘02 Playoff Prestidge Sophomore Signatures:
    350 circulation

    GU: BV$30.00
    P. Manning ‘02 Upper Deck Piece of History Rookie Glory Jerseys

    QuickTrade BV:$95.00
    QuickTrade TV:$65.00
    QuickTrade Notes:
    In this lot I am looking for 1 : GU or Auto football in the book value of 65.00. So let me know, all my contact information is at the bottom, thanks for the interest!

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