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    Talking Going to the Canadian Fall Card Expo? Let's Meet Up!

    As many of you are aware, the annual Sport Card & Memorabilia Fall Expo is happening from Nov. 14, 15, 16 at the Toronto International Centre.

    After ericsnewmsn and I decided that we're going, we thought that it would be cool to meet up with some other SCF members. Hopefully this thread will spark something where some of us can meet. I think this would be fun as we are all coming from different regions and can all talk hockey and possibly make a trade or two.

    Both myself and ericsnewmsn are both going for Saturday and/or Sunday. Even if a bunch of us can't all meet up at once, hopefully this thread will allow some SCF users to meet up with others.


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    It okay as I know some people that are planning on going. You should enjoy and I hope a few of you get together. As there is nothing better than meeting with some hockey collectors at a show. Especially, when you done some trades and never met in person to chat and talk about the hobby.

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    I will be going Saturday. I will be wearing my Leaf Jersey with "Dergula" on the back. I should be wandering around :)
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    Does one of you fancy doing a review of the expo for the next issue of the SCF magazine? With pics and details of what was there, best cards you saw, what you bought etc...

    lmk if interested
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    will be there on sat.,maybe should pick a time and a place to meet(there is a room to set down and eat)
    lmk steve

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    im goin saturday with my wife Ashlee. i will be bringing my higher end traders and a few bucks. meeting some folks off the board would be a good time (even better if there was a beer tent)

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    Hey folks! If anybody would be oh so kind as to keep an eye open for these 07/08 Puck Signings for me I would be grateful:

    Ilya Kovalchuk
    Jarome Iginla

    I would pay full book value plus a tip for either of those two, I am also looking for Malkin and Gretzky but I won't ask anybody to buy those for me they're too expensive :)
    - Kevin

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    I'm going to sticky this thread

    if I go, it will be Friday, but that is 60/40 at this point
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    I'm really stoked for this, guys. It's my first expo, and I'd really like to pick up some new Salming for my PC; another nice buyback auto or even pre-RC :D. Hopefully I can make more trades than purchases....I want to break a couple boxes!

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    If someone could please help me find some cards. I would reward those if they do. I am on the search for 07/08 sweet shot sweet stitches of sakic, nabokov, sittler, saku koivu and crosby. If anyone can get the crosby for 40 or under i would reward u greatly. I cannot find any of those and could use help.

    The Sakic Nabakov and Crosby are my main concerns. I have never seen a sakic on here or on ebay and the nabakov right now is on ebay for full book 1 color

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