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    Quentin Griffin Rookie Auto Bv 40 Ft!!!!

    i have a 2003 pros and pros quentin griffin auto numbered to 2000!!! this features him and antwan savage books 40 and is going up!!!
    The follow card sold on ebay for:
    Price Date Item Ended
    $19.26- Mar-23 19:28
    $20.05- Mar-14 15:47
    $24.99- Mar-26 07:46
    $28.75!!!-Mar-13 18:48
    you could turn around and sell this tommarow and get 20-30 dollars out of it, and those prices did not include shipping!
    This guy is the broncos new starting running back now that portis left and he is going to be there for a while.....just post trade lists or sites and ill get back to ya asap....

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    Hey, I'd be very interested, take a look at my site!



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    sorry bro...didnt see anything i realy liked......come on guys!!! all of this guys stuff went up this month? someones got to have something i like!

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    sorry man, besides the mannings i saw nothing, dont get too down though, u already have one!!

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    ya i know could have used 2 i was thinking of getting all 2000 but probably take to long to do

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