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    How much for autographs including MJ

    Hey guys,
    I was wondering, I have 2 little brochure/pamplets from the Jimmy V Golf Classic, which have all the listings and playing times of the participants. Newayz, on 1 i have Michael Jordan, Eric Dickerson, Bob Huggins, and Darius Rucker "Hootie". On the otha, is Coach K from Duke, Mike Tirico, and Meatloaf. Does anybody know roughly what the price of these would be? Just wondering, thanks again!

  2. Kronozio
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    Those are really cool and would probably be tough to price.

    Since they are a one of a kind item they could go for anything.

    But for a conservative price just add up what an autograph would be on the lowest end for each person.

    That should give you a ballpark figure.
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    I'd say they both sell for a total of a hundred...maybe two.

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