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Thread: Cruz Auto

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    DMiles-How do I check your trade page?
    This was my first post but it should have been a reply to someone else's post.
    Are you a Miles fan or Clippers fan?

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    what players are u looking for, im interested in the cruz fa sho

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    Hideo Nomo 2002 Upper Deck Global Swatch Game Jersey
    Todd Helton 2001 E-X Behind the Numbers Game Jersey
    Tony Gwynn 2001 SP Game-Used Edition Authentic Fabric Jersey
    Trevor Hoffman 2001 SP Game-Used Edition Authentic Fabric Jersey (w/stripe)
    DeShawn Stevenson 2000-01 Fleer Genuine Coverage Mostalgic jersey
    Corey Maggette 2000-01 Upper Deck Encore NBA Warm-ups
    Keyon Dooling 2000-01 Fleer Triple Crown Shoot Arounds warm-up
    LaDainian Tomlinson 2001 Fleer Tradition Rookie Retro Threads
    Warren Sapp 2001 SP Game Used Edition Authentic Fabric

    Are you interested in any of these GU?

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    I'm looking for any current dodgers or angels Auto
    or sosa G/U

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    I have a Alex Rodriguez/Sammy Sosa dual GU Jerseys...are you interested...

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