Ok my cusin works for the NBA, and he went to LA for the All Star Weekend, and pick me up a lot of stuff and one of the thing he got me were cards from the weekend. These r not by any brand but by the NBA all #d to 800 and they are actually game film of the season top scorers up to that point. It was KG, Pierce, Peja, T-mac, and AI. These are actually from the camera where it was taped and put into the card, i could put up a scan but u wouldnt be able to see, because you need to hold it into the light to actually see the film itself. Does anyone know what these could go for. The Pierce is 142/800, the KG is 062/800, the T-mac is 139/800, the Peja is 414/800, and the AI is 032/800, so if anyone has these or even know what they go for PLMK. thanks