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Thread: baseball cards

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    baseball cards

    i have a lot of base fro 90's to 01

    i'll sell them as lots also first buyer gets to nembured cards and one lot of cards

    5 to 6 dollars

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    to lots first one gets two nembured cards there will be nice inserts some book valued at 12 so please need cash bad!!! thers also rc's of randy johnson miguel tehada tori hunter and MORE. thanks

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    also have same but better thread in basketball any help would be great

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    so this is 5 or 6 dollars for a bunch of base cards and a few inserts? im confused... also it is numbered*

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    no that was my starting price but i'll do it for four or three if that works plmk thanks
    yes one is #/250 and the other is #/2000
    if you like basketball i can also add in another #/card

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    no.. sorry... cant spend any money for a while

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