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Thread: WTTF: 04 Leaf Exhibits

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    WTTF: 04 Leaf Exhibits

    I am doing the set. Got my first one in the mail yesterday, so very happy. I might be the only one doing this(I hope). If anyone can provide me with a checklist as the new Beckett has yet to arrive(the March one), and I lost the one with the blurb about it in short prints. Check my site, for what I have to trade. My count so far is...

    18 Hank Blaylock 13/26 1926UDP

    PLMK and thanks


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    I have these...

    Roberto Clemente #ed/46
    Hank Blalock #ed/66

    I really like that Duncan auto, but thats prolly not enough...what does the auto book? maybe i could pick up some more for ya...

    lemme know!


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    i opened about 2 or more boxes, now im tryin to make a are my exhibits.........chipper 65/66, tony gwynn 2/46 & 20/46, reggie jackson 52/63 & 38/63, tom seaver 13/27, ken griffey jr. 12/66, hideo nomo 15/46, adam dunn 9/21, barry larkin 50/63, mike mussina 10/66, albert pujols 29/46 & 41/63, barry bonds 9/46 & 14/63, cal ripken 61/63............i havent checked your site yet.........but lmk which of these (or all) that u want.........

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    I need them all guys.

    Bravesfan-I need them all. Please check my site. Thanks

    Ryanfan03-I need them both. I still have the Maine Chrome RC. PLMK if we can work out a deal. Thanks

    JBMan101-I need them both. The Duncan Auto books $80 lol, a bit more than the 2 exhibits, as you already stated. PLMK if we can work something out. Thanks

    Thanks to all of you


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    which willingham rc's do you have?

    i like that eric duncan on your site

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    Bravesfan: Here are the Willingham's I have...
    Standing O
    Focus JE Century Jersey #
    Focus JE
    Bowman Gold
    UD 40 Man
    The Duncan books for $80. Could you list which ID #'s you have on the Exhibits, as there are multiple versions of each # and how many cards were made. PLMK and thanks


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    have a Rod Carew exhibit #'d/27 (BV $20) lmk if youre interested

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    Oakleys, I need that one. PLMK what you see from my site, btw, I don't like to use the beckett value on the exhibits(Unless they are #'d to 50 or Less), I just use the base value, even when trading my dupes. PLMK and thanks

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