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    anyone have bdp autos, weeks, mauer

    I need regular bdp autos besides weeks young harvey. I need mauer rcs that book 8 or more and weeks that book 8 or more.

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    scott, I have a bunch of cards on your wantlist, however on your tradelist all your nice cards are (not for Trade). that kind of makes it hard to trade if you arent willing to part with any of your nice cards.

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    agreed i ahve all the cards you need but reading that made me not respond.

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    if you were trying to go for a set, would you trade the bdp autos? They are not for trade because i am going for the set. The soriano is for trade, and pujols is only for trade for a good offer. I could sell it for $35, some sports card magazine is buying it at that price. Since I am a mets fan i want to keep the reyes. I still have good cards for trade like 40 zito auto, delmon young $15 rc etc.

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