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Thread: More pickups

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    More pickups

    Went to the local weekly show again.
    Here's what I got:

    00-01 Topps Chrome/1999 - D. Miles RC - for set
    00-01 UD Slam Jamal Crawford Extra Strength RC/500
    01-02 Topps Pristine Tayshaun Prince auto BV$25

    03-04 Topps Chrome - common rookies for set
    03-04 Topps Chrome refractors - about 20 including Amare, Shaq, AI - for another person collecting the set
    03-04 Topps Chrome gold refractors/99 - David Wesley, Baron Davis, Linton Johnson/50, Jarvis Hayes/50
    03-04 Topps Chrome Xfractors/220 - Michael Olowokandi, Tony Battie, Willie Green RC

    03-04 Bowman Rookies and Stars - Soph. Strands - Amare Stoudemire, Signs of the Future autos - C. Delfino, K. Perkins,
    a few Chrome refractors/300 and Xfractors/150, Boris Diaw AU RC

    I'm working on a master Bowman set so I was glad to get these cards. Got a good deal again from a dealer I knew.

  2. SCC Fall 2017
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    Will trade my UD Slam extra strength RC's/500 (Redd, Q. Richardson, K. Martin, J. Crawford) - looking for regular RCs/2500 for set. I also have some extra Topps Chrome refractors. The cards that are part of sets are not for trade.
    Here is my site:

    I'm mainly looking for cards to help me complete master sets - I'm working on these master sets.

    02-03 Topps Chrome
    02-03 Topps Finest
    03-04 Topps
    03-04 Bowman

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    01-02 Topps Pristine Tayshaun Prince auto BV$25......Is this for trade? And i thought his rookies werent untill 02-03.

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    01-02 Topps Pristine Tayshaun Prince auto BV$25 i need this please

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    The Prince auto is 02-03 (his rookie year - wrote hastily, my mistake). I bought it because I know a guy on the Beckett boards who likes him. I sold him an auto and a few other nice Prince cards.
    I am only going to trade it if you are willing to trade 1.5x in my favour and have something on my wantlist - mostly looking to complete master sets.

    Thanks and good luck to all.

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    next time you go and if you like something from my site you want can you get a prince auto big fan of him and haywood plmk if so thanks

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