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    Sp Authentic Pulls For Trade/Sell

    Hi here are some of my latest sp authentic pulls all are for trade /sale (preferred).

    Sp Signatures Auto:
    Mickael Pietrus
    Mike Bibby

    Sp Authentic Fabrics /150:
    Darko Milicic white jersey piece
    Steve Blake white jersey piece

    Sp Rookies /999:
    Ben Hanlogten
    Ronald Dupree

    Sp Sectaculars /3999:
    Jason Kidd
    Desmond Mason
    Rasheed Wallace
    Yao Ming 81/100 "GOLD"

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    How much for these?

    Sp Authentic Fabrics /150:
    Darko Milicic white jersey piece

    Bibby Auto



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    kingsfan, how are you, of all people, selling/trading a bibby auto??

    lol, I have a bibby #/25 parallel coming in from that set, lmk if your interested

    BTW, be ready for Dallas to hand over slacking Sacramento another loss as dallas extends its winning streak to 3 games.......remember, Sacramento dont fair to well against dallas at home, especially this season with dallas having the best home record!

    lol we'll see!?????

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    sportscollector03 why are you asking when you still never sent out the payment for the barbosa and all of those other cards

    paul06901 I would be interested its just the regular extra limited Right?

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    Dmiles I talked to you before remember you really didnt have anything I liked

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    yes, I also have a 03/04 Mystique Rare Finds Peja/Webber #/500, a 02/03 UD All-Star Weekend Authentics Peja Jersey and a 03/04 Showcase Sweet Swatches of Webber, and also some webber base and a few inserts, LMK all you need,

    Do you have any of my sig wants?


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