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Thread: What box should i get

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    What box should i get

    What box should i get whats a good box now plmk

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    It really depends largely on your price range and the types of cards your looking for (game used, auto, refractor, etc...) and if your looking to build a set (if so, go w/Topps, Bowman, or Topps All American). Two of my favorite products this year (Donruss Elite & Leaf Certified) are harder to find. SP Authentic is nice if you get a patch, but I had horrible luck with it so can't in good conscience recommend it to you. Bowman Chrome is nice for the value, comes w/an auto & uncirculated, but no game used. If game used is your stick, go for playoff honors, get at least 4 pieces master box/2 mini, unless it is a hot box in which case you'll probably get 8. Topps Finest is similar to BC in my opinion, but you do get a little more: 3 gu or auto (one per mini box/3 minis master. Masters have an uncirculated card as well). Leaf R&S is still around as well and gives you I believe 2-4 pieces of memorabilia, generally w/at least one auto. Personally Ultimate Collection and Leaf Limited are my favorites, but your looking at $300/4 pack box for UC and $200/4 pack box for Limited.

    Just some thougts.

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