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Thread: Lebron Hummer H2

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    Lebron Hummer H2

    Last night i went out and ran into these packs. they had james and carmelo packs which include a fleer ultra Rc (non pack version, doesnt say Lucky 13). Does anyone know anything about these..are they any good? or are they just some crap Fleer decided to put out.

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    I saw them at Walmart the other week I was there

    I figured it was didn't pick it up

    of course, I could be wrong, lol

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    I saw these out a few nights ago, they have been doing this in Football for years and they are usually mass produced. I figured with Bron and Melos popularity though they might be worth picking up. Then again someone will probally stash tons of these thinking they will be huge which will make them worthless.

    Also everyone I looked at had bent cards in the unopened package. Plus they are ending on ebay at the .99 price alot lately.

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