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Thread: wtt teixeira gu

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    wtt teixeira gu

    i have two teixeira gu'ed on my site i really don't need.....also if you see anything else on there you coudl use lmk!

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    04 Topps heritage, how much BV you looking for that one?

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    tanner - yes i would be

    aug - i just traded a $15 card for it....probably looking for something near there!

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    Interested in this one:
    '04 Donruss Diamond Kings Bat Mark Teixeira #4/100

    What do you want for it. Do you still want that 2002 Fleer Focus JE Materialistics Sammy Sosa Away Patch? lmk

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    ruffryder - yeah i still like that sosa! forgot to check that thread again, did ya still want the steven register gu?

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    Oh no I declined that one. Do you have the bv for the teixeira gu?lmk

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    it doesn't book yet.....not even sure really what i want for it.....i like the card and i think he'll be a great player in a few years, not that he isn't already doing great......but i'm not sure on what bv i'd put on it....maybe 30? not sure though

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