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Thread: 4pk break Fleer Focus

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    4pk break Fleer Focus

    Just got 4 packs of Fleer Focus. I like the set, so im gonna try to complete it. Anyone got any doubles or whatever, i might be interested in a trade.


    Numbers Century Tim Couch 75/100
    Diamond Focus Michael Vick 6/350- $12beckett
    Anniversary Silver T.J. Duckett 15/25- $8-$80?beckett

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    Numbers Century Tim Couch 75/100

    Interested in this card...How much does it book???

    Check my site and lmk if i have anything you like :)

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    The Tim Couch is booked at $5. I checked out your website and im considering a trade with you because you seem to like him a lot and im rather indifferent about the card. I'll check out some of the cards you have listed for trade and get back to you. In the mean time i will post a pic of my Tim Couch.

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    Sorry, they dont look so good, im not that good at scanning.

    I want to complete the 2003 Topps set. If you have anything from this set that you are willing to trade, that would be great.

    Go here to see what i need:

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    DarthDooku, The only thing i have from 2003 Topps is an Artrose Pinner #371 Rc

    lmk if you can use it!

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    No, let me look at your list again. I think i like the Freddie Mitchell rookie.

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    OK, wdwain. If your still interested ive got a proposal for you. But i need you to tell me a little about trading on this site. Ive never done it before.

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    Ok we just discuss the trade and exchange our addy's through the email or PM system under this post...and We decide when to send out and how!!!

    Then i will post our trade on the forum!!!

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