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    Mint 1975 Topps George Brett RC/ Looking 4 Ray Lewis

    1975 Topps George Brett RC Mint cond. (SWEET CARD!!)

    Looking For:
    1996 Bowman's Best ATOMIC REFRACTOR Ray Lewis

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    I will add this card to go along with the Brett RC

    1994 Fleer Flair Alex Rodriguez RC Mint cond.

    Please help me out on this I really want this Lewis card ,I think if you add up the BV of these cards you will be getting the better of the deal

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    I wish I had that card cause I sure would like those rc's. is that all you are looking for.

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    yes coolector,I have been trying to get this card for a long while and I know it will take something special to get this Lewis card,and I think this is the best deal I can give someone who is interested in Baseball.

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