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Thread: Card show listing?

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    Question Card show listing?

    Just wondering if any of you guys would know how I could get a listing for card shows in my area. I'm sure there are plenty in Los Angeles & San Diego, so just wondering if there's any way I could get some info.


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    Hmm, those only list baseball & hockey.. Does that mean those are the only sports they sell? I'm looking for football actually.. so..

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    I dont know what to tell ya then, I think that the magazines to choose from on that site are just what the magazine was that the show listing is listed in, if ya know what I mean, that was kinda confusing, but who knows, but here is another show calender, but it doesnt specify baseball, football etc, but to the few card shows that I've been too, they have all sports.
    Just click on shows on the left side, then click on California


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