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Thread: Looking for rcs of:

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    Looking for rcs of:

    i am looking for rcs of: josh towers, joe kennedy, casey fossum, eric hinske, brett myers, kurt ainsworth, vogelsong, washburn, hudson, mulder, ben sheets, rhett johnson, rick ankiel, carlos lee, neal cotts, horacio ramirez, zach day, darrell may

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    I have a 2000 UD Rick Ankiel Star Rookie Card and a 2000 Topps Brett Myers RC

    LMK if you are interested.

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    I have some, but need Bowman Chrome RC's in return. LMK if you have any. Thanks.

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    Check out this thread and see if there is anything you need , i think there are a couple Carlo's lee's on there.

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    i have these...

    joe kennedy-2001 bowman heritage
    casey fossum-2001 sp auth #/1500, 2001 donruss baseballs best silver #/499
    brett myers-2000 topps, 2000 topps gallery, 2000 bowmans best promo
    kurt ainsworth-2000 bowman chrome
    mulder-1999 topps trd, 1999 topps stars
    ben sheets-2000 topps chrome w/ zito
    carlos lee-1998 ud, 1998 bowman
    neal cotts-2002 topps chrm trd
    zach day-2002 donruss bofc #/1350
    darrell may-1994 pcl all star

    looking for angels and rc's in return

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    I have these,

    01 Topps Traded Joe Kennedy RC #T252
    01 Bowman Chrome Joe Kennedy RC "refractor" #322

    99 Topps Traded Mark Mulder RC #T8

    01 Bowman Heritage Josh Towers RC #108

    "looking for Yankees in return"


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    I've got these 2-

    00 Bowman Chrome Brett Myers RC
    Topps Ben Sheets RC

    Let me know if you need these, Thanks

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