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Thread: Selling, Nice Cards...

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    Selling, Nice Cards...

    Hey, I really need some money for the upcoming months so make an offer if your interested in any of these

    99 SP Authentic Reflections Derek Jeter BV$20
    99 UD Retro Inkredible Sean Casey $15
    97 Donruss Rookie Diamond Kings Vlad Gurrero $10
    96 Score Dugout Collection Mark Mcgwire artist proof $30
    02 UD Mid-Summer Swatches Carlos Delgado jersey $10
    02 Leaf Burn n' Turn Jeter/Soriano $25
    02 Fleer Box Score Press Clippings Bobby Abreu jersey
    03 Bowman Futures Game jersey Brett Myers
    01 Fleer Tradition ALbert Pujols RC $20, Mark Texeira RC$8, Ichiro RC$10

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    whats your asking price for these.lmk
    01 Fleer Tradition ALbert Pujols RC $20, Mark Texeira RC$8, Ichiro RC$10

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    Ichiro-$5...They were only distributed in factory sets so I'd like to get about 50% for them...let me know

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    Hey there, whats the lowest you'd go on the McGwire? let me know, thanks a lot!

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    I could go $12-14 on the McGwire artist proof...I've got some other nice Mac's if your interested in him

    Coolector- Prices are negotiable if you'd like to make an offer

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    01 Fleer Tradition ALbert Pujols RC $20

    Is the Casey an auto? PLMK a DLVD price for both if the Casey is an auto and if not then just the Pujols.



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    Yes the Casey is an auto-
    Pujols RC- $10
    Casey auto-$7...prices are delivered

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    don't we have a deal going now too?

    I forget if I am sending you $$ or you are sending me something, but PLMK. Sorry, it is late and I have had a long 2 weeks


    Also, is the Pujols RC MINT, I mean perfect MINT with no chips or dings or scratches?
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    Yes, I PM'd you all my Sluggers Fantasy Cards and will mail the actual cards out on Monday, your mailing $6 on Monday

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    That is what I thought, sorry man. Would you do those with the cards for like $20 DLVD?



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