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Thread: Looking for Joseph Forte Cards

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    Looking for Joseph Forte Cards up to 80 of 135 different Forte cards and i want to knock off some of the smaller ones im needing....please anyone let me know anything you have of him and will get back to you shortly. can buy or trade if need be . thanks a lot.

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    If you can post a list I might be able to help with my doubles because I collect forte also. LMK

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    GriffeyFan i emailed you about trading doubles or buying some of had five that i needed and i have doubles of multiple ones......let me get my list together tonight...spent last couple weeks working on my T.C. Ref set and have been neglecting my Forte collection.

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    01-02 Topps Xpectations "Team Topps" auto #TXA-JF of Joseph Forte bv $12. lmk if you need it.

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    I have this.


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