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    Anyone need singles from 04 Authentix or Skybox LE Baseball?

    PLMK the players name and # you need and I will see if I have any of them. Also, PLMK if there are any players you collect and I will look to see if I have any of them in the stacks.

    I wanna get rid of it all.



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    I got a few of "dem bums" in your signature

    Man, you woulda loved my Timelines box I got with the cards you collect.

    I will look really fast and LYK what I have of them if you are gonna be online. If not, I will look thru tomorrow.



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    I'll be here if I know you're gonna post something for me, lol

    I hope you're looking to trade, that's all I can do right now.
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    gimme a few and I will LYK what I have from those 2 sets I just opened of your wants.

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    I have Wood, Griffey and Baldelli base cards from Skybox LE

    Any other non-cubbies you might want from the base sets?



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    Skybox LE #5 Jason Schmidt

    Need that or any Jason Schmidt, Jerome Williams, and Jesse Foppert cards you have. LMK thanks.

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    Bonds, I have the Schmidt card from the Skybox LE.

    That is the only one I have of those guys in the set


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