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Thread: 2003-04 Authentix Box Break

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    2003-04 Authentix Box Break

    I bought a box of authentix for $62 and i might get Avant for $65 or genuine for $80 but now i got authentix so here it goes.

    Jersey Authentix: Wagner, Kidd
    Courtside Classics: Iverson, Parker
    CC Game-used: T-mac
    Ticket Studs: Pierce, Shaq, Wade, Bosh
    Rc's: Balcony Barbosa w/ booster low level ticket, Sweetney, Howard
    Balcony: Nash
    Club Box: Brad Miller

    Please tell me how I did. thnx.

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    did good i bought a box of authentix to herse what i got
    Jersey Authentix gasol and martin both traded
    ticket stubs same as you
    rc's balcony ridnour
    balcony b-miller g-gircek forgot the others

    club box eddy curry

    final pull

    03/04 fleer authentix ticket for four
    sprewell/curry/ming/wagner all jerseys #/100 bv 50

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    damn i like that ticket for four ur 1 lucky man i guess...

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    I bought a box of baseball authentix and got a ticket for 4, featuring...sosa, hunter, pujols, and chipper...

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