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Thread: Who is buying cards now?

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    Who is buying cards now?

    Let me know what you want to buy. I have alot to sell. I have alot of things plus stuff on my trade page.

    LMK!-also i have stuff not listed..lmk!

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    im interested in your marcus giles 2003 playoff piece of the game, will u trade for it???

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    I know the Giles auto says NFT, but would you sell it?

    Marcus Giles 2003 Playoff Piece of the Game Game Used Jersey/Autograph #POG-25 BK-$15

    LMK. Thanks.

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    it depends what you guys want to give me for the is a sweet for the eckersley--that is way too low..i paid $10 for it when it booked $ books $ its a favorite

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    hey dannyboy. ive had some success selling cards on my site. maybe youd like to do a link exchange?? email me if interested. thanks.


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    I'm interested in buying any of these:
    Johnny Damon 2001 Topps Traded Relics Game Worn Jersey #TTR-JD BK-$10
    Johnny Damon 2001 Topps Traded Relics Game Used Bat #TTR-JD BK-$10
    *Willie McCovey 2001 SP Legendary Cuts Game Used Jersey (gray/mixed) #J-WM BK-$10
    *Derek Lowe 2002 Upper Deck "The People's Choice" Game Used Jersey (Red) #PJ-DL BK-$10
    Gary Sheffield 2002 Flair "Power Tools" Game Used Bat BK-$8
    Larry Walker 2002 Topps Ten "Relics" #TTR-LW BK-$10
    *Manny Ramirez 2002 Fleer Focus JE "Kings of Swing" Game Used Jersey BK-$15
    *Mike Piazza 2002 Topps Reserve "Relics" Game Used Jersey BK-$15
    *Nomar Garciaparra 2002 Fleer Showcase "Baseball's Best" Game Used Jersey BK-$15
    *Ronald Reagan 2002 Topps American Pie "A Piece of American Pie" Piece of Berlin Wall #PAP-RR
    *Tony Gwynn 2002 Topps Reserve "Relics" Game Used Jersey BK-$15
    *Alex Rodriguez 2003 Topps Pristine "Pristine Factor" Game Used Bat #PF-AR BK-$10
    Doug Mientkiewicz/David Ortiz 2003 Playoff Prestige "Connections" Game Used Bat/Jersey #C-37 #ed
    229/400 BK-$10
    Drew Henson 2003 Bowman "Futures Game" Game Used Jersey #FG-DH BK-$10
    Jimmy Rollins 2003 Topps Chrome "Relics" Game Used Jersey BK-$10
    *Miguel Tejada 2003 Fleer Patchworks "Numbers Game" Game Used Jersey #MT-NG BK-$8
    *Nomar Garciaparra 2003 Fleer Ultra "Moonshots" Game Used Jersey BK-$15
    *Randy Johnson 2003 Fleer Splendid Splinters "Knothole Gang" Game Used Jersey #RJ-KG BK-$10

    I buy them for 2 or 3 bucks a piece depending on BV. I will buy a lot of 7 them for 20 bucks. LMK. PM me if interested.

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    sstevestow-Let me Know-im interested

    dh-id want $10 on the Eck

    jomamma-the total book value is $216- I could sell all for $105 total. Thats the lowest I could go

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