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    Hey, what kind of price should i buy one of these boxes at? Also I am looking for these cards in bulks to get autographed. Will buy.. Thank you...

    Need a lot of these too
    Robinson Cano 2003 Bowman Draft Pick #124
    Prospect Premire Sean Henn
    All Casey Kotchmans
    All Dallas McPhereson (escpasailly Prospect Premire)
    All Jeff Mathis
    All Andy Marte
    All James Loney
    All Jeremy Reed

    Also Remeber these are for getting autographs, so I don't need a card that was autographed out of a pack or a xrefractor or something like that... Thanks


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    I have a Cano chrome and refractor, also a Kotchman x-fractor from 2002

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    Refractors don't look to well when signing, thanks anyway guys!

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