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Thread: Big Tiem Trading

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    Big Tiem Trading

    lets trade i ahvent done a big deal lately and would like to i sjut returned from a brief trip and i am in the mood to trade

    lmk if u like anythign i will also trade small deals and am looking for autos only relaly plmk

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    2000 Owens Game Jersey Piece Auto BV 50

    I like this card if its in perfect shape..

    I have this Chambers Auto for trade.

    02 Topps Gallery Dual Auto Chambers Auto on front and the artist on back Stephen Gardner #'d 81/100. BV 50 very nice....

    Let me know if we could work something out..

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    it is in extremely good shape yes but i dont like the chambers becuase it has the gardner on the back plmk if u have a site

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    You don't like the auto because the artist signed the back of it. Wow. I don't have a site, I thought you might like it, because its chambers and #'d low. Its a very sweet card. If you change your mind and want it. I could throw in a 01 Pacific Impressions Chambers RC #'d/280 he is in his Wisconsin uniform. I collect Owens so I thought we might be able to work out a deal.


    pm me if you change your mind..

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    Got some new lower #ed stuff...and autos...You know which card I am looking for of yours....The Elway(damn that card sings to me, dont be afraid to offer the outrageous, I could more than likely pull the trigger) LMK....

    -Ladianan Tomlinson '03 Fleer Mystique Ink Appeal *15/21! AUTO BV NOT PRICE/Scarcity
    -Chris Chambers ‘02 Topps Finest Jersey ##/499 BV25.00
    -Peyton Manning ‘02 Upper Deck Piece of History Rookie Glory Jerseys BV30.00
    -Edgerin James ‘02 Upper Deck Piece of History Rookie Glory Jerseys; Only *50! in Green Miami BV NOT PRICED
    -Willis McGhee ‘03 Leaf Certified Materials 576/1250 #159 BV25.00
    -Donnovan McNabb '02 Bowmans Best Gold *6/25! BV Not Priced/Scarcity
    -Mark Brunnell '02 Playoff Honors 10th Anniversary **6/10!! BV Not Priced/Scarcity
    -Quentin Griffin 2003 Bowman Chrome Autograph #238 bv40.00
    -Quentin Griffin 2003 Bowman Sign Of Times Auto Exchange #SFQG
    -Quentin Griffin 2003 Topps All American Autograph AAQG BV30.00
    -Quentin Griffin 2003 UD SP Signature Edition Blue Auto #QG bv30.00
    -Quentin Griffin 2003 UD Finite Autograph #FAQG 178/447 bv30.00
    -Quentin Griffin 2003 UD Pros & Prospects Auto #182 1933/2000 bv40.00
    -Emmitt Smith 1990 Fleer Update Rookie #U-40 PSA10! BV100.00
    -Jeff Garcia ‘99 Edge Odyssy Pro Signatures (RC)AUTO BV30.00
    -Kevin Fualk/J. Fazande ‘99 Playoff Contenders Round Numbers Dual Signatures (rc) BV40.00
    -Travis Henry '01 Upper Deck Graded Three Color Patch PSA9 BV?
    -Dave Ragone ‘03 Leaf Certified Mirror Signatures *15/100!(RC) BV40.00
    -Marquise Walker ‘02 Contenders Jersey Gems *#1/25!(RC) BV Not Priced/Scarcity
    -Jason McAddley ‘02 Bowman’s Best Gold *95/99! (RC)AUTO

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