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Thread: Detlef Schrempf?

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    If your looking for Duke Rookies I ahve this

    02-03 Fleer Tradition Ming / Williams / Dunleavy Triple Rookie


    lmk if u need it. if u do, im looking for korver or green rookies. lmk thanks

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    Could use it but I don't think I have any Korvers or Greens for trade.

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    do u have a tradelist. Dont really need a lot for it. Just a $3 03-04 rookie. lmk, thanks.

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    I don't currently have a tradelist. I can find a RC in that range. Does it have to be 03-04?

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    I would prefer 03-04 but whatever you can find. Prefer 02-03 or newer. But just get me a list or somethin of lower end rookies and theres prolly somethin that will catch my eye. just lemme kno, thanks

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    I have almsot all the RC's from the 2000/01 UD Reserve set including D-mile, K-mart, etc. Are you interested in anyone from that year?

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    I went to go look for the Kmart and I remembered I got it graded (sorry). I do have the Miles, Swift, Miller, Fizer, Magloire, Stevenson, Najera, etc. ungraded for trade.

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    I like the Swift and Miles. Not sure what they book though. Let me know. Thanks

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