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    I bought one of the donruss timelines packs from iggy and this is what i got...its all for trade if anyone needs it.....
    torii hunter
    curt schilliing (x2, yeah i got two of hte exact same card)
    richie sexson

    boys of summer Jack Morris

    Mariano rivera Blue ink #22/23 (bv:$100)

    also got a pack of playoff contenders and got:

    Rod Garner
    David Carr
    Daunte Culpeper
    Clinton Portis

    Rookie Season Tickets Kevin Williams #85/764

    i will post this on the sticky thread as well

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    Wow, those are very nice pulls. You should put that in the "box break" forum so more people could see! Congrats

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    yeah i'm not sure beckett that one and the black auto #ed to 25 are the only ones that book.....its wierd, but works for me!

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    thanks, i opened the basecards and saw two of the same card and figured i was gonna have a terrible pack, then i opened the gu and got jack morris....then i really thought it would be bad....but the rivera was a nice surprise, and then getting an auto in the contenders pack was nice too!

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