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    just opened 1 pack od donruss classics

    i just opened a pack of 2004 donruss classics and i got a hee seop choi dress code jersey card 58/100.
    i either want to sell it for 8 bucks paypal or trade it for some cardcash

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    lol i was just kidding. if u think im giving a jersey card thats numbered to only 100 ur crazy. i want atleast 350cc

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    well then be serious about it. they asked you how much and you said 150CC, it's not like you replied jokingly.

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    sorry about that. i actually wasnt joking about 150cc but then i realized how stupid i was for saying that much.

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    lol, ok umm, now i'm confused...which is it? what is your offering price for the choi jersey? a serious offer btw....

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