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Thread: Box Break: Pretty Stoked!!

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    Talking Box Break: Pretty Stoked!!

    I'm posting this on two different forums because I'm pretty excited.

    Bought a box of 2000 Pacific Football, and here's what I got:

    Kurt Warner Gold Crown Die-Cut : bv $6.00
    Donovan McNabb Gold Crown Die-Cut: bv $5.00
    Steve Beuerlein Pro Bowl Die-Cut: bv $2.50
    2x Troy Aikman NFC Leaders: bv $5.00
    Olandis Gary AFC Leaders: bv $2.50
    Chris Redman Premier Date #44/78: bv $15.00
    Chris Redman Serial #'d RC #769/999: bv $3.00
    Chad Pennington RC: bv $6.00
    Jamal Lewis RC: bv $4.00
    2x Tom Brady RC's: bv $10.00
    Jake Delhomme RC: bv $2.50
    2x Chris Redman RC's: bv $1.00

    As you can see, I'm going to have MAJOR faith in Chris Redman for the next couple seasons. I'm pullin' for him to get a chance to play eventually.. Who knows.. Rich Gannon cards didn't book for squat until like his 15th year? so.. Lets hope.. Anyways, that's not even all.. Here's the MAJOR MOJO...(ON OTHER THREAD)

    [SEE SCAN]
    !!!1 in 721 Packs!!!


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