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    Looking for '91-'98 Means cards and Ryan Leaf '98 Cards I don't have. Mostly looking for tougher pulls (Parallel's, Auto's, Inserts, GU) of Means, since I have 99.9% of his base cards that have been produced. And any, from any year, lower #'d cards (#'d/150 or less) and any AUTO/GU from ANY Year.

    Leaf, on the other hand, is a little more difficult. I'll take any Topps, UD, UD Encore, Contenders, SP Authentic, Skybox Premium, Crown Royale, EX, Brilliants, Chrome, Leaf Rookies & Stars, Prestige SSD or Absolute SSD RC's. Other than that, I'm just looking for Leaf's I don't have. If you could list the Leaf's you had, that'd be great. I'm really looking for the lower #'d stuff (inc. parallel's and inserts). I'll also take any and all '98 GU / Auto's of Leaf's.

    PLMK what you have and what you're looking for these Future HOF'ers.

    Thanks, Dave. :hop:

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    For Leaf I think I have his rookies from Bowman Chrome, Topps Chrome, Ultra, Bowman, Fleer, UD3, and probably a couple other rookies of him.

    I'll look for them now.

    Do you have a tradelist/site?
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    pwaldo -

    Seller ID: NatMeans (not the collector's page, that'll just show my Wants / Haves of my PC.)

    Thanks again, Dave.

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    Hey Dave-

    I have Leaf's Topps Chrome RC. If you want it, PM me with your addy and I will ship it out to you tomorrow morning. :D

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    I got a 98 collectors edge odyssey prodigies AUTO BV $20.00

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    Rima - YGM :)

    SHAVEZ - Yes, I'm interested in that. PLMK what you're looking to trade for it.

    Thanks again to all, and, PLMK. Dave. :)

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    I have a 2002 Dunruss Classics Means thats #d/1,000 you can have it if you need it. PM me with your address if you want it.


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    I have this if you need it.
    98 Skybox Double Vision (It's an oversized card)

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    IF i dig out the cards for you.. will you be interested in getting ron dayne list and trade for ones i dont have ;)... I am a MAJOR dayne fan and would love to trade cards to help each other out


    p.s. its mostly leaf cards

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    Bama - PM Sent. Thanks again.

    leftyshan - Yes, I do need that Leaf. LMK what you're looking to trade for it.

    Jay - OK. I'll dig up my Daynes (they are nearby, I know I have a '00 Topps Chrome #'d/1650) and some other stuff. LMK what you come up with and I'll get the Dayne list on here tomorrow.

    Thanks again to all, and, PLMK. Dave. :)

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