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Thread: clint king gold refractor

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    clint king gold refractor

    i went to the local card shop for the 3rd day in a row to buy some 2003 bdp, day one-delmon young auto, day two-joe mauer jersey, and today i went in there and got one of the last 4 packs hoping there would be a gold refractor and the 1st pack there it was bdp39 CLINT KING GOLD REFRACTOR 12/50!!!!

    so i thought i would quit there....but the other day a guy pulled an albert pujols auto out of fleer authentix so i thought i would give it a try........1st pack ticket for four pujols/chipper/sosa/hunter 82/100

    i knew it couldnt get any better than that so i quit lol

    ill consider all offers on the clint king, but i'd really like to get a nice auto rc or just rc for it

    check my trade page and lmk if you wanna make a deal!!!

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