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    Free Grading Coupons For Trade!!!

    I have TWO Beckett Collector's package Certificates up for trade each certificate includes:

    1 BIG Beckett Plus Baseball Mag. ($9.99)
    1 Becket Baseball Collector ($4.99)
    2 FREE Grading Coupons ($40.00)

    LMK If interested.

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    just wondering if my cards were sent (trade and also the CC auction)....thanks for the feedback btw, glad you got them ok.

    anyway is the coupon available for CC? if so lmk how much. if not, np.

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    Ya Pujols, Cards were sent just had to wait for my Bubble Mailers to get here :) Didnt want to ship them in reg envelopes.

    As far as CC goes. I have too much in these two and wouldnt be able to do CC. Sorry.

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