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Thread: Giguere Patch Just Pulled

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  2. Kronozio
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    no's the new mask collection. values haven't come out on it yet.

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    god I dont even know! :p I'm sure when beckett does price them it wont price this one cause it's too scarce. The other patch cards are also numbered for the players wins (all higher than 20), but since this is according to 01-02 season Giguere only had 20 wins. Now with the season that just, this has got to be one of the best patches in the set.

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    it's worth a lot, no question, i am building a site rght noe, so i'll tell you the URL when i'm done so u can see if there is anything you want for the patch


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    Congrats on a great pull. I could really use that card. Let me know if any of these interest you:
    02-03 Mask Johan Hedberg Wins Patch
    01-02 BTP Emblem Hedberg
    02-03 SPGU Rainbow Cujo #/10
    02-03 SPGU Rainbow Doug Weight/Pavol Demitra #/10
    01-02 Sig. Series Emblem Brian Boucher
    Let me know.

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