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Thread: Any Bengals Fans?

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    Any Bengals Fans?

    I have these GU cards for trade:

    2001 Private Stock Peter Warrick patch card (2 #06/25 in the world

    2001 Pacific Titanium Post Season Chad Johnson jersey(black)

    And these Dillon cards

    1997 Playoff Contenders RC # 35
    1997 Score Board RC’s # 18 (X3)
    1997 Player’s Club RC #44 (X5)
    1997 Leaf Gold Leaf RC #164

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    i want that johnson. look at my site, thanks

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    I really didn't see anything but I would take the 2002
    Fleer Hot Prospects
    Class of Memorbilia
    Jake Plummer/Corey Dillon jersey card.

    PLMK if interested and PM me your mailing info

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    Sorry, i want to keep that card. ANything else?

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    I didn't see anything I could use or collect. I was just picking that card to try and make a trade.

    Thanks anyhow. Sorry I couldn't find anything.


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    Nothin you have listed but I do have jerseys/and autos.I dont think you would want any of those so how about much money do you want for it?

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    I would go half BV.
    It books $60 so $30 DLVD, only cuz it is #'d to 25



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    Can I get that down by oferring you some autos and jerseys?

    How about I give you

    Sammy Davis Sage Autograph auto platinum level 17/40 bv??

    Willis McGahee Sage Autograph auto bronze level 52/240 bv??

    I think the willis books pretty high and the davi is pretty rare.

    how aboutthese 2 for for th warrick?

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