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Thread: 1,000 CC for 7.50

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    1,000 CC for 7.50

    title explains it... can accept MO, Paypal, Cash, anything.. just need the money whenever

  2. Kronozio
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    Hey... I'll take it. Confirm and I'll send the Paypal. Thanks, Ken

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    Would you sell the rest of it?
    If so how much?

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    no sorry... 1.00 through paypal would turn into like 60 cents after paypal fees.... once i get more i will sell it though

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    ill give ya 3.75 for 500. i wanna buy me a new Username.

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    hm... if i had 500 i would... ill have more in a lil bit.... tonight i am planning on making a list to sell for CC.... ill let you know if i get some... what part of indiana you in? i know southern but what town or whatever?

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    lol i was looking at ur post from corydon

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    o wow.... we played corydon in a tourney a couple years ago in basketball... im from way un in angola... it is in NE indiana about 10 milkes from the michigan and ohio borders

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