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    Michael Vick ROOKIE Serail #'d 8/10 $$$

    2001 Vanguard Red
    ALL I MEED Is Tomlinson???

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    whats the BV on this, i might be interested, but only have 1 tomlinson low BV, lmk thanks

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    Tomlinson 2002 SP Authentic GOLD auto #21 (jersey #!!!)/25.

    Let me know if you'd be interested in a 1/1 trade.


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    ...also may be interested in your SP GU Quad, let me know.


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    no bv it is A ROOKIE #;d of 10

    SHOCK and AWE
    that tom i can get for $200
    the vick is worth at least $500
    so lmk

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    Brian- I know it's in your pc, but how much BV would it take to get that Lee Suggs jersey out of you?

    Also would you take a 02 UD American Authentics Tomlinson auto BV $40 for you 01 Pacific Dynagon Rudi Johnson auto BV $30 straight up?

    LMK on both.

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    if I needed the 02 ud tomlinson I would trade ya for it but i have 3 of them already

    the suggs is for trade just need tomlinsons or
    other cards in the last link in sig

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    no problem. Only 1 I had for trade. Too bad I collect him as well.

    As for the Suggs....what kind of BV should I be looking to get of the cards you want?

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