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Thread: looking for mike dunleavy

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    looking for mike dunleavy

    need gu right now, but maybe rc's and autos

    trade or buy

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    I have a 03-04 Topps Pristine Dunleavy Gems got 2 if you want them both

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    i need one of those
    don't got much to trade right now but check my site

    or what's your price for it?

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    Im willing to sell for 4 dollars DLVD I would be mailing in a top loader inside a bubble envelope or im interested in your Stevenson Auto from UD GLass

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    the stevenson auto is gone, sorry
    i'll buy it for $4 but i can't send until monday, is that okay?

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    yeah thats fine with me I will pm my address to you can u post the trade on SCF?

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